Image by Cyril Saulnier

Zach Hayes, Owner

Roots in Sport & Fitness

Zach has over ten years of experience in the fitness industry, paired with a lifetime of involvement in sports. As a personal trainer and strength coach, Zach has had the opportunity to teach and work alongside athletes of all ages and abilities, sharing his deep love of fitness with each and every client. 

Zach has an extensive sporting background, having participated in baseball, basketball, football, hockey, rugby, volleyball, powerlifting and weightlifting. What he learned from his involvement in sports is that a commitment to continuous improvement is what it takes to succeed. Perfection is not always possible, but having the drive to continue improving is all it takes to make it to the next step. Zach brings this same high level of commitment to continuous improvement to his clients through well-planned exercise programs that suit the needs of the individual athlete. Especially in fitness, one size does not fit all. 

Zach started his coaching and training career while completing his undergraduate degree, working as a personal trainer. Since then, he has worked with youth, varsity athletes and teams, professional athletes, and national-level athletes. He also works closely with individuals of all levels seeking general fitness support and training, including clients seeking injury recovery and prevention training. 

Zach earned an Honors Specialization BA in Kinesiology from Western University. He is currently in the process of completing an MA in Management and Leadership in Kinesiology, operating within the coaching stream.